Monday, December 12, 2011

Mama Share Monday-Breast Feeding

This mama share Monday is going to be just a few basic tips about Breast feeding for anyone who has ever wanted to do it or anyone that is preparing to do it.

  • Although it's natural, it's not as easy as it looks.  It definitely takes a break in period where you and your baby literally "camp out" and learn to work together as a team!  Practice definitely makes perfect for most moms and babies.
  • Buy a sports bra type of nursing bra while pregnant and get measured once the baby is born and your milk has come in.  Your breasts change in size greatly and you will want a comfortable bra that fits you correctly.  Trust me on this!
  • Get as much support as you can in the beginning.  It can be very difficult for some mamas and if they don't have spousal support, family support, or friends, it can get frustrating and even make you want to quit.
  • Make sure you are sure about your desire to breast feed.  Some Moms choose to breast feed for reasons other than wanting to give their baby the best start possible.  They don't realize that it can actually get difficult for a bit and want to quit easily.  Learn as much as you can about breast feeding and breast milks benefits.  I was sold on the idea well before I got pregnant and so when I did have my hiccups in nursing my kids, I just worked through them.
What is your advice for starting a nursing relationship with your baby?  Let me know in the comment section!