Monday, June 15, 2009

Buying A Home In Today's Economy

Since the housing "boom", I've been really paying attention to the housing market. Where I am, the Phoenix metro area, it's been pretty bad. I'm not a real estate agent or even in the real estate field. I just like to be a knowledgeable buyer. I've been seeing how the market is trending and saw that the prices were due to stop dropping right around the first month or so of 2009.

I discussed this with my husband and told him that we should try one more time to buy and if it's not the right time, then we will know.(we had tried a few times prior but, were approved for a tiny amount). So we contact a HUD approved company and after a little glitch we started on a path to purchase.

I've heard the stories about purchasing a home. I know it's is a pretty heavy process and can be a stressful one, at best. I have been pretty calm and collected during this process with very little expectations. I know that it takes time and money to get the end result and yet, at the same time I have to be able to plan some things. We found out that we're going to have an extension and even though it's the banks fault, we get to pay a penalty. Even better, we found out there is probably going to be another extension. As of right now, we are six months total into this process.

We extended our lease an extra four months and gave our notice this month. Real estate agent said "we are extending" so we talk to the leasing office and to our surprise, they've already rented out the apartment. GREAT! Now we are going to be inconveniencing my Brother and his family by staying there for a week and a half.(please God don't let it extend for any more time)

So, now I'm frustrated. Mostly because we will have to put everything in storage, take a few things over to my Brother's, have no time to paint the house before we move in, and lastly have to cram a couple of days worth of cleaning into a day. I know the end result is going to be great, I just wish it would have gone a little more smoothly. Ah well!


The Jacobsen Family! said...

Oh NO! It's gotten crazier yet! I'm so sorry!