Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Making Tuesday Tasty-Pork Loin Italian Style

Well, I don't know how "authentically" Italian this is but, it's tasty and I make a version of it anyways. I mostly wing it when it comes to seasoning, etc. so I'm gonna try and get close to what the measurements are.

4 to 6 center cut pork loin

fresh or dried basil

salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder

1/4 to 1/2 C flour

1 egg

Meat mallet or hammer(if you use a household hammer make sure to place your meat in a Ziploc style bag, leaving about 1/8 in opening for air to escape. Then gently but firmly pound the meat flat to your desired thickness.

I washed and pat dried the pork loin and put it on a cutting board. I pounded the meat flat to a desired thickness of about 1/8 in or so. In a bowl, I cracked and mixed the egg up, put it to the side. On another plate, I put the flour down and spread it out a bit setting it next to the egg mixture. I heated a large skillet to Med/Med high heat(depends on how hot your stove gets) with 2 Tbsp of olive oil. I seasoned the meat liberally with ALL of the seasonings including the basil. If you use fresh basil, mince finely. When I've used fresh basil in my dishes it gets bitter if you heat too high, so I used dried.

Dredge the seasoned meat in egg, let the excess drip off. Then lay in the flour, dusting both sides, shake excess off and place in the skillet. Continue process until you run out of room. Cook until browned on each side (ended up being about 6 to 9 mins on each side). Place on serving dish or paper towel to drain for a few minutes and then serve. If you temp your meat, you want it to be 160 to 170 degrees internally.

*sorry guys I didn't take a pic of finished product*