Friday, June 12, 2009

Freaky Friday-Pee-cycling?

Hey everyone. I live in AZ and I'm starting to worry about the state of our water supply. I think I'm gonna buy a Pee-To-Water converter so that I can make sure to have enough water to go around. *Insert sarcastic look* here.

A man named Leonardo Manavella has created the "Aqua H2o". Kinda like the new machine that NASA is using. It works with human and animal urine. It filters the urine and is supposed to take away the color and odor and leave clean drinking water. Once the urine is filtered a container or drinking water is available for use. This is designed for drought areas mainly.
I can understand using something like this under an extreme circumstance but, until I'm forced to, I think I'll stick with my tap or bottled water.


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eastonsmom said...

That is so gross. Although on one of those discovery channel man vs wild (or something like that) the guy drank his, minus the filtration so I guess this is better than that!

HollyB said...

oh that's nasty!