Monday, March 30, 2009

Simply Breastfeeding DVD-REVIEW

I was one of those moms, determined to breast feed for many reasons. I ended up with a C-section, premature baby and medication in my system that my baby couldn't have, as my birth story. My little daughter was fed with a bottle for the first three days of life.

That really threw me off my course but, I was still determined to nurse. I had never pictured myself *not* doing it for her. Especially when I knew that I would be home with her instead of going back to work immediately. On the third day, my milk came in and I was in the clear to breast feed my daughter. It seemed like an easy enough thing to do. Wrong! I was still pretty medicated, my daughter was tiny and I was engorged. My daughter had a decent latch but, wouldn't stay awake for her meals and was spitting up all of the formula that she was being fed with.

After we got home, I settled in and continued to nurse her. It really took me about 4 to 5 weeks before my daughter was nursing consistently without me having to pump some of her meals. It was frustrating at times but, again, I was already sold on the idea.

I just watched this video, Simply Breastfeeding-The Criso Method on DVD. I had heard about Shari's video and asked her if I could watch it and review it. Even though I breastfed my first, it didn't mean I couldn't learn anything for when we decide to have another baby. I have to say I was surprised at how thorough Shari was. This educational video was filmed in a classroom setting, and is simply Shari and a few students learning the importance of breastfeeding. In it's simplest terms, that's what it's about. It's not this big movie production that's there to entertain.

Shari is a CNM, MSN, and IBCLC. In layman's terms she is a nurse, certified nurse midwife, and a lactation consultant. She is very thorough in her explanations and reasons for her subjects. Shari has been doing this for awhile and you can tell she has a confidence level to back her teachings up. She makes it so you can take her "class" and learn from her even if you're not in the same city she is in. She is a hard sell on breast feeding. She goes over proven studies as to just how important it is to at least try to give your baby the nutrition your body was made to give. She also feels that it's important to be fully committed or face giving up easily when it's tough.

The DVD covers every detail you can possibly think of regarding breast feeding an infant. American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines, benefits, challenges, how much they need from birth to a year or more, changes in the body regarding hormones from pregnancy to milk production, positioning, latching, nipple soreness, fore milk, hind milk, pumping, using a bottle, growth spurts and cluster feeding and so much more!

I read a lot of things about breast feeding before I had my daughter. I thought I was pretty knowledgeable since I had done that and nursed my own daughter until she was ten months old. I did learn a few things from Shari that I hadn't heard or didn't really know. I was always fuzzy about how much a baby really needs to eat those first few days and Shari shows an exact comparison via a bottle as to how much a baby can tolerate at a feeding and how much you actually produce in the first few days. I also didn't know that it was a myth that a C-section has no bearing on how quickly your milk will come in. That is determined by the placenta being removed and the transition of hormones in your body. I was surprised at how much I did learn and that's why this review is so complete. Shari really knows her stuff and knows how a woman's body works and how they are made to feed our babies.

You can get her DVD through her website for a very reasonable price. Check it out!