Monday, March 30, 2009

The Curse Of The Whiney Toddler

Ahhh, someone save me. I don't mind crying nearly as much as I mind whining. My two year old wants to constantly be on me and wants to whine about everything!

She is in between the stage of speaking everything and just learning how to speak. She puts short sentences together but, with most two year old children, she can't tell you why she is frustrated or mad or happy or sad.

Daily it's "maaaaama" this and "uhhhhh" that. I make her use words as often as I can but, that's her go to. UGH!

Since she is already verbal, I can't wait until she gets to the point where a words goes in the place of a whine. I love the toddler stage. So much to learn and explore. This is one of those subjects along with "no" that I could do without!


Felicia said...

AMEN!! I am feeling the same way. I hear myself saying to him all day long "Use your words" (because he knows them). Sometimes it works, sometimes not!

eastonsmom said...

So fun...guess that's what I have to look forward to soon :)