Thursday, January 24, 2008

Off to a slow start

I think this 'resolution' thing is getting off to a slow start this month or I'm just too impatient.

I have been praying more and reading scripture more which is necessary and has been more often than before. I know there's more though that I need in my life and that is a lot more complex.

I've never been a "comfort" eater but, I realized that as of late it is the only thing I'm really enjoying right now and I'm scared to death! I don't want that interfering with my goals to be healthy and lose weight. UGH.

I need to just really take this daily and not be so impatient. I need to find the spots in my life that I can control and let the rest coast. Patience is a weird thing for me. Sometimes I can be so patient it's scary and other times I want it done yesterday. I only have today...


Heather said...

Poor Mel. Can you seduce that man with a little wine and dinner?

Minilegs said...

if I played video games with him he'd be all over me haha...we just can't seem to want it at the same time is all haha