Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Well, my baby and I are sick. We had gone so unscathed this year too. dangit. My step son is sick ALL THE TIME. Why can't he just be well? I can go on and on about this but, not in this post.

She is finally really sick. The fever, loss of appetite, runny, stuff and disgusting nose. Doesn't want to play and is clingy. I had work today and told them I couldn't come in. I have had body aches, chills and severe congestion. Not fun when you have a baby that won't let you out of their sight.

Work is going well. I enjoy learning the business and enjoy getting to know the other gals in the training. There are 4 of us and we are an eclectic group to say the least. One common bond though is that we are all christian. How's that for divine intervention? EOE laws make it impossible for you to hire based on any sole thing and yet we are all of the same basic faith. I find that very interesting.

I am still really hoping the best for the balance in our lives. B has been stepping up with Kaia but, does very little else. I am going to be working at least 20 hours a week. I tried doing some stuff at home( we are given homework) and she wouldn't leave me alone and then ended up hurting herself too! I told B that there is no possible way I can do this without his help. I didn't want him getting the impression that just because I am home, I can watch Kaia and do my work at the same time too. Some of the work is phone work, through skype. I can't be having her whining in my ear while I'm trying to talk to people.

Anyways, not much new going on here. Just training which should be for another week or so and spending time with my family. Kaia has swim lessons scheduled at the end of March. I am excited to see her swimming, I think she will love it.


Kitty said...

Sounds like work is going good,Once you both get into the swing of things I'm sure it'll work out!

Heather said...

Sounds like everything is coming together well!
Can't wait to see pics of Kaia in her little swimming trunks :)

AnnD said...

Good luck with work! I'm sure it might be more stressful in the beginning but as time wears on, you and B. will come up with a comfortable way to work together. That's how it was with just took us some time to get our sea legs but now it's like a well-oiled machine! I linked your blog to mine. Hope ya don't mind.

Minilegs said...

I don't mind at all...I did the same Ann

Jerinda said...

*taps foot impatiently* No new entries?