Sunday, May 2, 2010


On The Search For Hidden Treasure is giving away a Poppy Dip handmade dress! All the material is awesome. Check it out, all proceeds go to helping with an adoption.-Ends May 13

Experimental mommy is giving away an awesome Guidecraft moon and stars take along storage system. Check it out, Ends May 20!

Book Room Reviews is giving away a Kodak EasyShare Digital camera in conjunction with the release of the new BABIES documentary coming soon! Ends May 21st

TicTacDough is giving away a Guidecraft Tea Party Kitchen! My daughter would LOVE this! Ends May 10 hurry up

My mom was a great mom in so many ways but, she passed away last Summer. My Mother in law has been amazing too in the 4.5 years of our marriage. She has been there for us as a sounding board, helped financially when we didn’t know what we would do, and she’s done something that most women envy and that’s to stay out of our business! ha ha. She has been a major blessing these last four years and that’s no lie! Mom start is giving away a pair of diamond earrings from Kohl's as a way to say thank you. Ends-5/9

Over 30 mommy is giving away a Halo sleepsack in winners choice of size. Ends May 14

There are three car seat giveaways celebrating first Birthday's. The giveaway is for a Safety 1st Air protect car seat. Please check out Our Ordinary Life, The JAKA files, and Monkey Mayhem. This ends May 25


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