Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Great American Days Experience!

Father's Day can be an incredibly difficult day to plan or buy for.  Most dads want things that just don't ring a bell with the women in their lives.  Yes men, it can be just as difficult to navigate around a man centered holiday as it is for you to buy us something!

While browsing websites recently for Father's Day gifts, I came across one that completely caught my eye.  This site was unique, it created an experience for anyone that you wanted it to be for, and had plenty of events in my area.  Great American Days is the name of the company, and you just have to browse this site, at least once!

Experience is what they are selling and experience is what you'll get.  This company pairs with local companies in your area that are offering an "experience of a lifetime". The experiences that you can purchase to name a few are airborne, spa and being well, wine and gourmet, and venues and attraction.  This is only a few of the categories you get to experience should you choose a package.

What I would rate at the top of my list of things I like about this site are customer service, and package types and sizes.  Their customer service was outstanding when confirming things for me.  I also received detailed confirmation via email.  Customer service can not be skimped on, especially in a service related field and they did a great job!  Also, I love the fact that depending on what you want to experience there is a scale.  You can pay a little or a lot and still have a great time!

My husband got to have a first hand experience through Great American Days and I'm going to share a few photos to narrate.  We were given the option to go to Phoenix International Raceway to experience a ride along in a stock car.  He of course has never experienced anything like this, so he was curious how it would go.  The stock cars were the cars that actually would race in a NASCAR like setting, and you are able to go five laps in the ride along.

I'm so excited about this company that I'm going to have to browse to do a little shopping of my own for me from my husband, ha ha.  I like companies that think outside the box when it comes to gift ideas and I love that they try to offer many types of experiences for the customer.  I am definitely one of those happy customers!

Check Great American Days out on Facebook, and be sure to stay tuned for an amazing Father's Day giveaway here on my blog that includes a prize from Great American days!

*thank you to greatamericandays.com for providing me with this experience for review*


taryn lysa said...

wow I would totally love this!

Full Time Mama said...

WOW! SO cool! I loved browsing this site, and found a few packages I'd like to experience! :)
Can't wait for the giveaway!!

fancygrlnancy said...

Fun! I know a girl at work that did something like this for Mother's Day, she said it was so fun. Thanks for sharing.

Melanie said...

You're welcome!