Sunday, February 12, 2012

Food Network

Food Network

Written by my friend Teodoro Martin

My husband is getting tired of me cooking the same thing every week for dinner. I was thinking that I need to learn how to make a few new recipes. We have DIRECT TV so I can watch the Food Network to get ideas for meals. There are so many different shows that give me ideas for a variety of meals to make. I really love the Italian shows because the recipes are fairly easy and my husband always loves whatever I make. I feel like I can never go wrong with Mexican dishes either. It’s hard to actually cook the meal while watching the shows, so I usually try to write down the ingredients and recipe. The good thing about the Food Network is that if I miss a recipe that I think we would have liked, I can go on their website. They have each show listed and the recipes for the meals that were shown. Since watching the Food Network, I have been able to provide some variety for our dinners, and I think my husband is very happy.


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