Monday, January 23, 2012

Mama Share Mondays-Picky Eaters

We've all been there. A child that may have eaten well and then started to strike. A child that has never wanted to try new things, etc.  Here's a few of my tips I've learned along the way. Please, share your own tips in the comment section!

  • Give your child a variety of things starting young. They will develop a taste for these things as time goes on.
  • Have your child eat what you're eating.  If they can't stomach it, don't force them.  Just keep having them eat socially with you and the things that you and your family eat.
  • Do not give your child snacks after they have refused a meal.  This only adds to the pickiness.  A child should have at least some of each thing on their plate, and be encouraged to taste all of it.
  • If a child only wants to snack, do not let them.  A really bad habit forms and a child loses their appetite for their meal.
  • Put veggie purees in some foods if necessary and if you can, juice green juices for your kids. Sweeten it up with a piece of fruit like apple or pear.
  • As often as possible, give your child clean proteins, whole grains, and fruits/veggies.  They will acquire a taste for them and think nothing of them eating them.  It is both nutritious and helps their palates adapt to variety.