Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Costume SuperCenter Princess Costume Review

How many little girls between the ages of three and ten love dressing up?  I'd say a whole LOT!  There are costumes, and dress up outfits specifically geared for little girls.  My daughter, nine times out of ten will go for the princess costume!  She's just at that age, what can I say? gave my daughter a chance to check out some of the princess costumes on their site. We were able to pick one and see how it looked in person.  We chose the Girls Red Heart Princess and were excited to see it in the mail.  The costume comes with a head piece, a scepter, and of course the dress.  I was expecting something a little thicker but, this particular dress was very much like your average costume as opposed to a little sturdier outfit that you would purchase for "dress up".

She love it of course with the bold coloring and red hearts.  She loves the scepters that come with the costumes and walks around flitting it in the air.  I love that for a very reasonable price, you can purchase year round outfits for your little ones to dress up in.  There's tons of costumes and accessories on this site and many are extremely affordable.  I definitely want to pick up some for my son so that he can play dress up right along with his sister, very soon!

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*thanks to for providing us with a costume for review*