Monday, August 22, 2011

Breastfeeding Did You Know Part Three

If your baby develops an eye infection or closed tear duct, massage the inner eye skin and drop a few drops of breast milk into the affected eye. The milk contains immunological benefits and can clear it up.(I know because I did it with my son)

That a woman who adopts a baby can induce lactation in order to feed and bond with her baby if she chooses?

That in AZ a woman is entitled to breastfeed in public and not part of indecent exposure law.

Breast milk fights disease in your infant. It can protect your baby from lower respiratory infections, asthma, and necrotizing enterocolitis(an disease that affects the intestinal tract).

Breast feeding stimulates a mother's oxytocin levels which helps milk flow and affects the mother's mood to calm her and give her a bonding experience.

Breastfeeding is linked to lower incidences of type 2 diabetes, breast and ovarian cancers, and postpartum depression.

That a baby cannot be allergic to it's mother's milk since it's species specific, it can be allergic to something mom ingests though.