Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Death Without Regret

I lost my mom almost two years ago, and recently some people that I'm very close to have lost very significant men in their lives. I am reminded that I don't have a promise of a certain amount of time. It's been said many times over, don't waste what precious time you have.

Remember that we are not promised tomorrow, and though we may end up in a better place, our loved ones will be left with whatever we left unfinished. Tell your tale, say your sorry, tell them you love them, grip them in your arms and just listen to the quiet. You will not regret, and you will not have unfinished business if you take care of it now!

People are always so worried about appearance that they forget the smallest details that really matter when all is said and done. It is such a sad way to end a relationship if you do.


desertmama said...

We can see how much even the things that seem small to us have a huge impact on those around us. I hope and pray that my life is lived so that the legacy I leave behind is one I can be proud of. And that when a loved one passes on I have no regrets about the time shared with them.

Melanie said...

That's a wonderful goal dear friend!