Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Medela Bamboo Nursing Camisole Review

In the last month I've been trying out this wonderful little nursing camisole from Medela. I have always heard wonderful things about their pumps and wanted to try out their products as well. They have branched out of just pumps and are very emerged in the nursing your baby business.

I received a black nursing camisole to try out and also received a breast care gift set that's great for the hospital when you have your baby and to throw in the diaper bag. The nursing camisole was surprising to me. I will admit I only had one nursing style top when nursing my daughter. I didn't know what to expect from this camisole but, I knew I didn't care for the nursing top I had experienced in the past. I put the camisole on under a bra and that was entirely too tight and restrictive. I then realized, I needed to wear this without a bra, and laughed afterward.

The camisole is three layers. It has the shelf layer that also has holes in it for access to nursing, then a cover for the shelf, and then the actual camisole. I have a large chest and never go without a bra, not even with the shelf style tank tops I've worn. It's not the case with the nursing camisole. It's got great grip, holds you in, and even minimized me which was nice! When your breasts are large and engorged you want some support. I think if you got an ill fitting one though, you would be sorry. It wouldn't be comfortable at all and that would make it miserable to wear. Anyways, as I was saying, the material is very solid, strong, and breathable. It's made of bamboo and cotton which is breathable and can help you maintain your body temperature well. Though I didn't use with a pump, this is advertised to be used hands free with the Medela Freestyle pump. I like this camisole and know it will come in hand very soon for me!

I wanted to add some about the breast care gift set as well. This is so handy, I really wish I would've had it when I had my first baby. When things are awkward and brand new. This little set includes 12 breast pads, a mother's minder bracelet for those of us with "mommy brain" that can't remember which side we fed our little darlings on, a 2 oz. tube of lanolin cream for those sore nipples, two tender care Hydrogel pads for relief, and literature. All of this comes in a twill bag for easy storage. Go check out their website and see if any of the products look right for your needs.

Thanks to Medela for letting me check out your great products for free!