Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby Bond Nursing Cover Up-Review

I recently had the chance to review the Baby Bond brand nursing cover. It comes in Original, Flex, and Couture styles. I actually entered a contest for this item previously because I had never heard of it and thought it looked amazing!

Why do I say "amazing"? I nursed my daughter for 10 months. I'm not one of those mama's that has a hard time seeing other moms nurse in public but, it wasn't for me. I have a tendency to be more modest, and I have larger breasts which didn't make for easy cover up.

I did the blanket thing a few times but, even then it wasn't all that comfortable. I didn't actually purchase an actual nursing cover, I would usually just go into the nearest restroom, the car, or somewhere that was established for nursing. Honestly, I nursed my daughter in some of the most disgusting areas to try to do it modestly. I've nursed her in a bathroom stall standing up, I've nursed her in smelly bathrooms...well, you get the point.

I was a first time mom and I really didn't know what all was available. The Baby Bond is nice for a number of reasons. You have the option of wearing different tops, you have the option of nursing discreetly in public, you have the option of covering up your mid section while nursing, and you can avoid covering your baby's face which in some instances is impossible!

I like that this was created by a mom for moms. I really like the color choices and that it fits easily over you like a sash. It allows bonding time which is one the prime reasons this was created, and it looks a lot like an infant carrying sling so many people won't even realize at first what it is. These are all wins in my book so, I take pleasure in talking about this product and giving it a thumbs up!
Baby Bond is giving a 25% discount until January 20, 2010. Just enter "wannabe" when checking out and it will register the discount. Hurry and pick this up for someone you know or yourself, you'll be glad you did.
*thank you Baby Bond for providing a nursing cover for review*