Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Cute, Quick Post

I've been saying prayers over Kaia's bedtime and mealtime for quite awhile now. She is very sweet and likes to hold hands over dinner and up until probably last week, I had been holding her and pacing the floor while saying her prayers at night time. Now we get on our knees even though she is still in her crib and say prayers together holding hands.

Since her vocabulary is getting better, I have decided she should help me with prayer time. She is so precious, it touches my heart to hear her little voice.

Me-Dear God


Me-Thank you for this day

Kai-thank u day

Me-Thank you for our blessings

Kai-Thank you blessings

Me-Thank you for mommy,daddy, Cam and Kaia

Kai-Thank you daddy,mama,Tam and Daia

Me-Thank you for family and friends

Kai-Thank you frinds,familee

Me-Keep us safe


Me-In Jesus name

Kai-muffled(S's are hard mama) name AMEN!



The Jacobsen Family! said...

We do the same thing with Erik! It is adorable to hear them pray and really try hard at it. Can you imagine, if it's music to our ears, what it must sound like to God?!
Erik is used to us saying basically the same things when we help him pray (food, safe, family, friends, thanks for day and blessings, etc), so he sometimes tries to just jump ahead... Then he's so proud of himself when he's done, and we clap and cheer. It's so funny!

Felicia said...

Very cute! Graham has started helping us pray as well and it just warms my heart!!

eastonsmom said...

That is the cutest thing. I love hearing little kids say their prayers. I can't wait till mine knows enough words to start!

Cate said...

Oh too cute!

Peterson Party of 5 said...

PRECIOUS!!! I love that!!!!

HollyB said...

awww, my cupcake is growing up!