Thursday, April 30, 2009

Freaky Friday-8 year old wins divorce

Yep, you read this correctly. An 8 year old Saudi girl was awarded a divorce from her 50 something husband on Wednesday. The girl was sold by her father last year in exchange for a dowry.

At least her Mother, who found out after the fact, petitioned to get a divorce granted. The sad part is that a judge rejected the case twice, even though he stated that the marriage couldn't be consummated until puberty. Do you really think that the men that marry these little girls are going to wait? Some may have at least that respect but, why even marry them if you can't be with them? There have been disputes by children's rights activists, UNICEF, and international rights groups but, they have been mostly quiet. This isn't widely done in Saudi but, there are some that are for this because it's within Islamic teachings.

I know I'm American and christian and part of the modern world as far as marriages are concerned but, this is just absolutely GROSS! I don't wanna hear about how this is OK because it's someones religion, culture, blah blah. This is a child and no cultural, religious, or law stamp is gonna change that. I just feel so blessed that I live in a country that has laws to protect children from something like this. Not all can be protected but, at least it's a start.


The Jacobsen Family! said...

A friend of mine spent a while in Saudi Arabia with her family (her dad was transferred there for work). She was only 13, and a Saudi man offered her dad 20 camel (or some crazy # like that) to have her for a wife. Insane!