Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crusty Crab!

I've called my daughter crusty or crusty crab when she is in a bad mood or whiny for as long as I can remember. She hasn't been feeling well and has been a clinging vine this week. All I can say is that I'm about to lose it, ha ha. I love her and would do anything for her but, if she comes to me with a whiny voice one more time this week I'm gonna blow. I'll admit, I was guilty of snapping at her quite a bit today. I'm feeling the mommy guilt pretty heavy for it now. I know I've whined about it a few times, I guess that's what's going on in my boring life right now. ha ha

I think I've got "toddlerwhineitis" or something because today it was like nails on a chalkboard every time I heard it. It goes without saying that the mom of a toddler doesn't get to pee alone, drink or eat normally, always sleep alone, or have a conversation past a toddlers vocabulary.

So yes, I'm a mommy who adores her daughter. I'm a mommy that feels amazingly blessed that I get to be home and raise my daughter(not sure for how long but, for now I am) and I have a husband who takes great care of us. I'm also a mommy who is having a cranky week.

I need some space. I need to have some adult time. I need "me" time. Being with a two year old pretty much all day every day with limited adult interaction has left me hungry for adult conversation. Just ask anyone I come into contact with and they'll tell you, I can talk their ear off! ha ha


Anonymous said...

I also have a toddler whom I love very much, but...hearing him whine is exactly like nails on a chalk board! I don't think it's everytime he whines but somedays are pretty bad. The good thing is I know I'm about to snap so I don't even bother a little bit of discipline becuase it would end up bad. You are not alone!

eastonsmom said...

I hate those days/weeks. You love them so much but need some time away. We need to get together soon. Even if the kids have to come at least we can talk too!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

If only you could live closer!!! I know what you mean... And get used to the whining, cause it NEVER stops... Well, at least it hasn't stopped yet. Logan isn't too bad, but it's still pretty bad with Brooke. Ugh! =)