Saturday, March 21, 2009

I've Been Tagged Again!

Holly my Sister-in-Law from The Bartlett Bunch and Rebecca from Our Little Family has tagged me to list five random things about myself. Let's see if I can do this without repeating myself from the last tagging. Heh

1. I have no tattoos and only my ears pierced. Besides a belief that I shouldn't do it, I feel like an individual now because there are so many tattooed and pierced people that I'm now almost the minority

2. I never went to college or university or even a trade school because I could never decide or "lock down" what I wanted to do professionally. The only thing I ever wanted to do was be a mom. That's not to say that I wasn't a professional in what I did. I didn't have a child until I was 31 so I had plenty of work to do before then. ;)

3. I love asparagus! ha I love it grilled and roasted or steamed. Add some garlic in there and I'm in heaven. Most people I know aren't fond of it but, it's so versatile to me and so very yummy.

4. I am a Coke addict! No, not the kind you snort. I don't have many addictions but, I can tell you I rarely miss a day when I don't have some, if even just a little. When I do go without it, I miss it. ha!

5. I've been told by more than one person that I'm a great gift giver. Not that I'm super extravagant or anything like that, it's just that I enjoy picking out just the right one. I won't give someone something random unless I barely know them. I take my time window shopping for just the right little gift to cheer someone up and brighten their Birthday or whatever. I'm the same way with cards. If I can't find a card with a sentiment that says what I want it to say, I will fill one out myself with a blank card. I think it's important to make your friends and family feel special and it's always nice to know someone cares enough to think about your like and dislikes. I know I LOVE it when I get a special little gift or card in the mail!


The Jacobsen Family! said...

I like asparagus too!!
New blog design!

eastonsmom said...

You are so good to play along and I like the new look!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Coke addict too! Having some now actually.