Friday, March 20, 2009

Freaky Friday-Cat found in $27 couch

I saw this earlier in the week. According to MSNBC, a woman from Spokane, WA bought a couch for $27. After taking it home, the woman heard mewing and couldn't figure out the source until her boyfriend felt the cat underneath the couch as he was watching television.

They found a very hungry little calico inside the sofa. The woman took the cat to the animal shelter that she worked at to get the cat well again and contacted media outlets to find the owner.

The owner contacted them and was reunited with his cat who had disappeared around the same time as the donation of the sofa occurred. Very interesting that no one would figure out that the mewing had come from inside the sofa. Ha ha. You gotta wonder sometimes!

I know this wasn't too strange but, I got a chuckle out of it and am glad the kitty cat was reunited with it's owner. A happy ending is always sweet.


eastonsmom said...

You know me and cats. I would be returning the couch along with it! But even I think it's a little sad that the kitty was stuck in the couch :)

eastonsmom said...

By the way I tagged check out my latest post if you want to play along :)

Ashley said...

So glad the kitty is okay!

~Sandy~ said...

that is too weird!

Amy said...

An to think it's usually "Found $27 in the Cat Couch" (to which we'd all think, what a hooker.)

Cute story. Glad it worked out for kitty!
lovely site btw.