Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How Do You Track A Local Sex Offender?

I don't know about you, but I'm concerned about the area I live in and my child's safety! Many of us don't know who lives right next door to us, and they could be a sex offender. Besides being generally careful about where my children play and who they are with, I would really like to be able to know who my neighbors are!

There is a newer site that I checked out that allows you to track sex offenders right in your zip code. I went to the track sex offenders website and the first page had me enter in my zip code. After I clicked on the search, it took me to a page that advised me that there were three registered offenders in my area. Scary!

Once I register, it will link me to the national alert registry, which enables me to get:

-Instant access to the detailed reports
-Detailed maps for any location nationwide
-Free child ID kit
-Color photos identifying the offenders
-Conviction information
-Home address of the offenders
-Full names and aliases

It gives me peace of mind knowing that I can get that kind of up to date information whenever I want to! To get into the national alert registry there's only a one time activation fee. I also see that I am able to get monthly reports and updated information if I want for a nominal fee.


The Jacobsen Family! said...

There are 18(!!!!!) in my zip code. But I know that there is another site where you can see EXACTLY where those people live. I think it is through our state website. Trish and I have been on there numerous times. (I'll have to find it now! Thanks for reminding me!).
There used to be one who lived right down the street from the church!

~Sandy~ said...

I check ALL the time...i feel you never can be too safe. Hubby feels that i am a little psycho!!! Great post :O)