Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pre-Valentine's Day Date Night

Hubs and I went out on a date. We don't do them all that often and next weekend we will have his son and our daughter so, we decided to do a little valentine's date night this weekend. My Brother and Sister-in-law were lovely enough to oblige taking our girl for awhile. ;)

We haven't celebrated Valentine's I think since before we were married three years ago. We usually put a little more effort into our anniversary. Anyway, we went to a restaurant we've never been to, named Portland's. It's located downtown Phoenix and it's a little corner restaurant facing the new rail system.

We had a cozy little seat in the corner, candle lit, by the window. We sat side by side enjoying the intimacy of the restaurant and the closeness of each other. We ordered a lovely meal with grilled sirloin and chipotle hollandaise, mixed spring greens with a house red wine vinaigrette(excellent!), and tiramisu (strong esspresso!).

We talked about love, religion, our kids, and surprisingly, spent some of being quiet.

We then hit up Glendale, where they were having a Glendale Chocolate Affaire event going on. Many local vendors and boutiques showed off their wares and made up special treats. We managed to pick up some chocolate, chocolate mint, and chocolate cherry fudge. Oh, and a chocolate dipped banana for later! YUMMMY!

Our evening was a time to reconnect, a time to remember each other, and a time to recharge our batteries from everyday life. I know you read in magazines and books that it's important to make time for each other, etc. Take it from a regular stay at home wife and Mommy, it's extremely important to have emotional intimacy with your partner and to take time to get away from the everyday hum drum.

We don't do it nearly enough!


The Jacobsen Family! said...

Um, where was my fudge?? =)
That's great you did that! Prob wont be happening for us. Anniversary for sure this year though!!!!!!

eastonsmom said...

I went to that chocolate affair by mistake. Was going to a tea house (as you can imagine Deb was involved!) in Glendale and that was going on. Walked around a little, but didn't get anything. Glad you had such a nice night out. It's good to get away from the kids and just spend time together sometimes!! Seems like no one gets to do that enough.