Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mayu-Hand Knit Alpaca Clothing Review

I recently won a Mayu ruffle scarf in chocolate brown on Mayu's blog. I was very excited to win this item and couldn't wait to see what it looked like in person! I received my scarf very quickly and was blown away by how beautifully knit this scarf was. I've never felt real Alpaca wool and let me tell you, it's amazingly soft.

The color was rich and natural looking. The dye is beautiful and the scarf is really luxurious. Mayu works in conjunction with Peruvian village women to create a wonderful working relationship and friendship. Their business is making sure the women receive fair wages and have the freedom to care for their families while providing an exceptional and original piece of art.

I really love how unique this scarf is. It's very fashionable and can definitely be a new trend in winter months. The colors come in cream, black, chocolate brown, and red. I definitely will do some more searching on this website come holiday time.

*image taken from website*


Unknown said...

thats really beautiful, totally something I would wear.

Claremont First Ward said...

It's very cute!

shopmayu said...

Thanks Melanie for the great review! We are so happy you love your scarf. Stay tuned for more styles this fall. You will love them!

Kate Robertson
Mayu, Owner

Melanie said...

you're welcome Kate!

kanishk said...
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Anonymous said...


hi!!! i suggest visit this website is amazing and it has assorted alpaca capes,ruanas. i bought a cuculi little cape is beautiful!!!

the website is

Alpaca Fashion Clothing said...

Green not only is this material sustainable but it is also an eco-friendly resource. It doesn't contain harmful chemical toxins that are often found in synthetic and non-organic clothing. So in this case it keeps toxins out of our ecosystems and away from our bodies.

clothing said...

That looks really good for the cold weather, the fabric sure gives warm and comfort.