Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Making Tuesday Tasty-Tomatillo Salsa Shredded Beef

2lb Chuck roast or other beef roast that you prefer
2/3 jar of your favorite tomatillo(green salsa). I used Herdez salsa verde(16 oz jar)
Season with garlic powder, onion powder, pinch black pepper
1 tbsp. of canola or olive oil
2 garlic cloves

This is a guesstimate but, wanted to put this down because it was tasty and ridiculously easy! I cut up a 2 lb. chuck roast into a few large chunks. I put a tablespoon of canola oil into the bottom of a large pan(deep enough to hold the roast and juice on stove top). I seasoned it with garlic powder, a pinch of black pepper, and onion powder. I would advise not to add your own salt as mine came out a tad salty adding some of my own in. I seared the meat in the pan on about medium high and turned the heat down to low when finished. I poured salsa over the top and two coarsely chopped garlic cloves in the pan. Slow cooked the roast on low for about 3 1/2 hours. You can do it to your liking. The meat was very soft and tender and had a wonderful bite from the tomatillo's.

Serve with tortilla's, rice, beans, whatever you like! Makes an excellent chimichanga, or taco filling too!

*photo courtesy of mexicanfood about.com*