Friday, January 29, 2010

Freaky Friday-Rape In Haiti

I've read in the last few months, strangely before the earthquake in Haiti, that it's nation is horribly corrupt and run more like a gang instead of a country. It's known for it's violence and rape. I tried to look up the statistics but, didn't find recent numbers. As of 2007, about fifty percent of young women had been raped. Fifty percent? I don't know about you, but those numbers are startling!

Now, according to several news sources, criminals are raping earthquake victims. These women and children are out in the open, some in tents. Basically, they are "prey" at this point. My heart breaks for them. The jails ruined, criminals roaming the streets, and there is complete and utter chaos. If you pray, please remember these people. There's lot of food and physical aid going to these people but, they aren't protected against the violence that is occurring.

*source and ABC news*