Monday, August 24, 2015

Social Media, Sometimes You're The Worst!

This mama heart, this Christian heart, and this woman's heart is feeling broken this week.  I have often relished in social media. I keep my online friends close, I can keep up with family in another state, and I can talk to like minded mama's in private groups.  I've felt a real connection with moms from many different backgrounds, states, and countries.  I would be wrong if I didn't talk to what social media has done for blogs, and networking.

For all the good social media has brought, it's also shown some true colors of the people that participate.  The constant bashing, the negativity, and barrage of posts can wear anyone down.  I have found myself more often just avoiding Facebook, and taking a breather. I check in periodically to some of my groups, and then get off again.

Sometimes, it just can all be too much!  Too much information weighs us down.  We all need to be sober and vigilant as the scriptures say, but we must also have a down time. My heart needs a chance to feel love and forgiveness, instead of apathy.  Our softened edges turn rough when we are grated on constantly.

Spread some cheer and good will today, instead of posting something in the news that's bad or negative. Talk about the joy your life brings you.  It will not only help you get through the day, it may just help another!



nudrat said...

I strongly agree with you.