Monday, December 3, 2012

Dermagist Review And Giveaway!

A little over a month ago, I was offered a review from a company called Dermagist.  I don't usually do skin care reviews on my account but, thought it would be a good opportunity to offer this to the ladies that read my blog.

I am in my 30's and, have suffered quite a few really bad sunburns to my face.  With both pregnancies giving me Melasma, and the sun damage, I am in need of some help.  I have quite a bit of freckling now and some dark patches that don't go away regardless of staying out of the sun.  I was looking for something that could help me out while I browsed their website.

I came across the Dermagist Skin Tone Correcting System.  I was pretty excited to see this so, I chose this as my product for review.  I was happy to see that the ingredients were not harsh skin bleachers but, natural ingredients.  The product comes with two bottles. The first is a skin preparation cleanser that helps slough off dead skin to allow the brightening cream to penetrate the skin.  The second is a gel, that you rub in to the skin once clean.


This is about 3 1/2 weeks of use.  It's also not always done twice a day because I would go to bed forgetting to use it sometimes.  I realize that both sides of my face are reflected here but, the whole face is the same.  Freckling, dark patches in places, uneven skin tone, etc.  I also tried to make sure that they were done around the same time of day and I did it in my bathroom so you will have both sunlight and artificial light.  These photos are unedited or retouched.

What I Thought


-All the products contain peptides that help smooth skin, leaving the skin looking less wrinkly(win!)
-The cleanser and the gel can be used sparingly, so your products last awhile.
-The cleanser and gel are not drying at all, and make your face feel moisturized.
-It does even the skin tone out, and I noticed an improvement on overall skin tone.
-I noticed a change in the depth of color on my spots.


-both products have a smell that isn't really pleasant. Although, I'd rather have the smell of the natural ingredients in the product, than the fake overwhelming scents added to products!
-The price is steep for someone like me and could hinder my usage from time to time.

Win It!

Would you like to win a free product from Dermagist?  Enter to win and one winner will be able to choose anything ARV $100 or less on the site! Wow!

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Miranda Ward said...

The Original Wrinkle Smoothing Cream Sounds like something I could use..

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a product I might like to try.. I wish it wasnt so expensive though.. need to try before I buy.

Deal Bunny said...

i'm alway ssearching for the 'miracle product!"