Monday, November 12, 2012

Devotion Time

My daughter and I picked up a Veggie Tales devotional at Goodwill awhile back.  It was in amazing shape, I'm not even sure if it was used.  We have been poring over it at least once a week after doing homework.  The story of Moses has been the focal point, telling of his rescue from danger as an infant, and on into adulthood.  We have gotten to the part of the ten commandments, and I picked up The Prince Of Egypt DVD at the library, for her to watch again.  I have really enjoyed spending that one on one time with her.  Listening to her questions and filling in the gaps that the devotional hasn't covered.  I have also enjoyed reading from the KJV bible in Exodus.  She is getting to the age now where I can read some to her and, explain what is happening.

Sometimes it can be difficult to watch how quickly my little ones are growing.  I am thoroughly enjoying the perks of having a daughter that is growing and learning, and really soaking up as much knowledge as I can give.

I'm truly thankful for my family, they are bright light in an often dark world.