Thursday, November 15, 2012

Book Review-Hello, We're The Fuzzwippers by Marilyn Halas

Fuzzwippers?  What is that, you ask?  A Fuzzwipper is a little furry creature that shares a special bond with children.  They would be likened to a soft comfort toy, or a fuzzy blanket that a child would lean on when they need a little extra comfort.

Such is the story of Hello, We're The Fuzzwippers and their follow-up book Fuzzwippers-Find Good Listeners, by Marilyn Halas.  These books were created to reach the social and emotional needs of young children.  The concept is simple, these furry, colorful little creatures are there for children to befriend.  They are there as a way to ease a child into a situation or change.

Hello, We're The Fuzzwippers introduces these creatures and to advise the reader that they are "loved no matter what" and that they have someone in their corner.  It expresses an individual language that their child can understand.  They are quiet and can be taken wherever the child goes.  They are cute and furry, and perfect for a child's imagination.

Fuzzwippers-Find Good Listeners focuses more on the the social interaction a child has with the Fuzzwipper.  It shows the way a child can understand the special language of the Fuzzwippers, called Imaginarius.  It explains that a child can talk about anything with the Fuzzwipper once they know the language and can communicate well with their own Fuzzwipper.

What I thought

-Illustrations are fun and childlike, some were a bit pixilated.(possibly just how printed)
-Fuzzwipper concept is cute, much like an imaginary friend or a special soft toy for a child.
-Writing style didn't flow that well, and was possibly a little more mature than a book intended for a small child.

It will be interesting to see how these stories develop over time.  Check them out at