Monday, August 13, 2012

Celebrating Friends-My Sister

Like most siblings, my Sister and I always loved each other but, didn't always get along.  We are five years apart almost exactly, and we are very different from each other.  I'm very first born, and she is very middle child. ha ha.

I moved to a different state and she had a son very young.  She struggled with her life issues, and I with mine.  Often we would butt heads when it came to emotional things or about our opinions but, we always knew that we loved each other and shared a lot of the same sense of humor.

We grew up in a difficult household.  Many times my siblings and I were the only ones we could cling to.  A few years after I moved out of state, my Brother followed, and then my Sister.  Going to the same church and sharing our adult lives has been very rewarding for our relationships.  We have been able to establish a loving environment for our kids to grow up in as well.

With Mom being gone, the one we shared our lives with so freely was no longer there.  It enabled my Sister and I to get closer to each other, and share our lives more closely.  I have really relished the relationship we've had these past few years.  We've both matured, put petty things away, and are enjoying the time we have together.

I love you Jess! :)


Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

Awe, love this, and I love Jess too! :) So glad you guys are so close; A blessing always, but esp with your mom gone...