Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pure Matters Gummy Vitamin And Complete Probiotic-Review

Most parents are really paying attention to what they put in their kids mouths and what they put on their body for body wash, sunscreen, etc.  I'm one of them, the more I read the more appalled I am.  I recently tried out a few new products to our household and was pleasantly surprised!

Both my five year old daughter and myself tried out the Gummy Multi vitamin created by Pure Matters.  We have tried a number of gummy vitamins that tasted like candy and were yummy but, artificial in some ways.  The Pure Matters Gummy Vitamins are natural and do not contain sugar!  I was surprised at the flavor because they were so yummy! I really have to hide these from my daughter because even though it has a child proof cap, she tries to get into them so that I can give her more.  I've had the standard talk about the safety of taking too much vitamins but, these are so good, they're like a treat to her.  The standard for her age is two a day.

Next, I tried out the Probiotic which is really a Pro and Pre biotic.  It contains fiber as well.  I wanted to try it out for a bit before writing about it.  They are sold in gel cap form.  You get a hint of the fiber flavor when taking them but, they aren't hard to take.  After a bit of taking them you can definitely tell they contain fiber, if you know what I mean ;).  Probiotics are such an important part of our daily diet, especially if you're not taking it in other forms.  I do try to buy a yogurt that is full of good bacteria but, we don't drink kefir and there are some other foods with natural Probiotics in them that my family won't eat.

Overall, I've really enjoyed trying these out and seeing the quality of both of these products.  I would definitely recommend the Gummy vitamins to anyone with kids because they don't contain many allergy containing foods and are sugar free!

*thanks to Pure Matters for sharing your products with us for review*