Monday, May 21, 2012 For Father's Day! is a site I came across recently while shopping for Father's Day.  My husband is in the market for some new cologne since he hasn't gotten any in a few years.  His is getting old and smelling different.  I also wanted to get him something different since he has had the same scent for a few years now.

I really liked the selection and options FragranceNet has.  They have fragrances available that are both tried and true, and they have new up and coming fragrances.  All of these are at a discount of some sort.  Because I wanted something for Father's Day, I chose a fragrance that my husband has tried out and worn in the past.  I knew I liked it on him and it's been years since he's worn it.  I selected Emporio Armani for men.  This cologne has a nice spice to it, with undertones of woods and musk.  Once on him, it mixes well with his chemistry and even becomes a little sweet.  I love it on him, it's masculine and not too overpowering!

FragranceNet offers shipping deals at times, and they also offer discounts along with normally marked down from retail prices.  They also don't just carry name brand fragrances, they also carry aroma therapy items, skincare, and more.  This site is NOT for knock-offs, it's for genuine name brand items that are listed.

Buy It

Get Dad something awesome for Father's Day this year and give him his favorite fragrance!


FragranceNet is offering my readers their own 15% off coupon code if you order by June 29, 2012.  Just enter MEBT7 during checkout and receive the discount.

Stay Tuned because this will be part of my big giveaway for Father's Day beginning June 1, 2012!

*thank you to for providing me with cologne for review*


fancygrlnancy said...

I love when my hubby smells good..

Melanie said...

Me too, Nancy!