Sunday, April 1, 2012

Learning Link Touchtile Reading System-Review And Giveaway

My daughter turned five this winter so her school year starts this Summer out here. I've already registered her for school, even.  As I reflect on the fact that my first born is readying herself for school, I also have to reflect on what I have taught her so far.

The school she is enrolled in, is a charter school.  It has of course, a specific phonics program, math program, etc.  I found out though, that the general teaching in all schools is normally sounding out and looking at the letters.  Some children's brains process differently and they struggle to learn words and sound them out.  I had no idea which type of learner my daughter was because I haven't gone so far as to teach her reading.  She has been taught the alphabet, numbers to 20, shapes, colors, and the basics.

I was given the Touchtile system which was created by Learning Link Technologies and it's creator, Lisa Harp. This is a learning institute that helps children with "learning disabilities", created to make a learning difference.  There are different levels provided in the learning system, that allow your child to learn how to sound out larger words.  I've had this for over a month now and I haven't gone over all of the levels but, I can tell you that this system does it's job!

When a child is unable to just look at something and sound out the letters together, it could mean that they need some extra help, or it could mean they need to touch what they are seeing.  Repetitive touching can help a child's brain to see what they are trying to read.  The touch part of this exercise can allow the brain to "re-wire" itself and learn how to connect the dots so to speak.

I think my daughter enjoys this type of learning, I know in school they will do it differently but, I can always reinforce the touch if she is having difficulty with a word.  She has not been diagnosed as having a learning disability but, I know this can only assist in her learning processes!

The below video is just one basic example of how this is done.  Part of the process is done by using a dauber or large marker and repetitive motions while going over each letter.  There are pages and pages of different words, and learning tiles to go over as your child progresses.  If your child is struggling, I definitely would suggest that you check into this method to, improve reading skills, and build onto what they already know.

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I would like this for a nephew that is struggling.

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I would love to win this for my son who is really struggling with reading.

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I would like this for my son
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Leslie S. said...

I would love this for both of my boys.My oldest is 9 and struggles with reading.He is dyslexic as well as has add.I am willing to try anything to help him.My youngest is about to turn 5 and just starting to try to read.Thanks!

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