Monday, March 19, 2012

Mama Share Mondays-Clothing

I think this will be more specifically geared for how you purchase clothing for your children, what you look for, etc.  I am very frugal because I have to be.  We are a one income family right now and we are a low income, one income family to boot!  My friends and I share clothing, we purchase things on clearance, and even buy second hand if it's good quality.  So here are just a few ideas I have to share.  As always, please leave your comments below if you have anything to add to this post.

  • Hand me downs are awesome, especially if you have two of the same sex child in a row.  If you have a core group of friends that are willing to share or even just hand down clothing, this can bulk up your child's wardrobe immensely.
  • Second hand is great if there is something you really can't afford or need something in a hurry for.  I live in a desert but, if I go North or somewhere much cooler I would rather get a second hand coat than go buy a new one that my child will wear once, maybe two times in a season.
  • Sewing-If you sew, add a few pieces that your child will love.  Let them help you pick out the material.
  • Clearance-Anyone that knows me, knows that I don't pay regular price for pretty much anything unless I absolutely have to.  I love going to end of season sales and getting stuff from $1 to $5 a piece. I've picked up shoes, pants, dresses, shirts, etc. for that low of a price.  I also pay attention to how my kids trend size wise.  I calculate where they would be in the next few seasons and purchase ahead of time.  I've purchased whole seasonal wardrobes that way and save some serious money.
Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my clothing purchasing tips!  

Have a great week!



Liza said...

I love this because I am very thrifty. Bob was giving me a hard time because I shop clearance at Goodwill. You know if you go, they have 1/2 price tags. LOVE IT. I was there today and their books are the best in town. $0.99 a paperback. If you know what you are looking for it is an awesome place to find deals. I redid my bedroom with the help of Thrift Stores and the total(paint, bedding, pillows, sheets, etc.) were all under $100. I am very picky when looking at sheets and ick factor. I use plenty of bleach. I will share pics when I can get to the painting.

Melanie said...

awesome Liza! I just bought some Goodwill kids books. You can definitely get some good stuff there.