Thursday, March 22, 2012

Adora Calcium Supplement-Review

Have you heard of Adora Calcium Supplements? I just got to try some and can I just say...YUM!  Adora calcium supplements are nothing I've heard of on the market.  I've seen the chewy "candy" and even tasted it.  It's good but, nothing extraordinary.

Adora supplements are made of chocolate.  Yep, you read it right, chocolate.  Each disc of chocolate is only 30 calories, full of yummy chocolate goodness, and contains 500 mg of calcium.  Additionally, it contains vitamin D3 and, magnesium.  The natural chocolate contains it's own antioxidants.  They're also made gluten free, no artificial sweeteners and regulated by the FDA.

It's national nutrition month and as most of us know but, may not heed, we need to be making sure we get enough calcium in our diet.  By the time we hit our 30's, we stop building bone mass and start losing it.  Calcium rich foods including dairy, oily fish(sardines), dark leafy vegetables are a great source to start with.  Often though, it's difficult to still get the amount we need, so we need to supplement.  I know I would like to avoid osteoporosis at all cost!

I tasted both  the milk chocolate and the dark. They both were super creamy, tasted wonderful, and absolutely did not have a vitamin taste.  I am super sensitive to all the products on the market that are loaded with vitamins and minerals.  I can smell and taste the vitamins from a mile away.  This was not the case with Adora, and it could be because it's been developed by Thompson brands which is a chocolate company.  How clever!

You won't be sorry if you check out the Adora supplements.  If you have more questions about them, go online to their website, to their Facebook, and/or check them out on twitter.

*thank you adora for letting me try out your delicious supplements*