Monday, February 6, 2012

Mama Share Mondays-Valentine's Crafts

Here are a few basic ideas to share with others for Valentine's day. I think Valentine's day is a fantastic DIY, crafty kind of holiday. You can give your friends, children, parents, etc. something sweet and from the heart.  Please share a link or idea in the comment section.

  • Pencil toppers-Wrap some fun pipe cleaners around a pencil, top with small cut out paper hearts(you can put sayings on them like conversation hearts if you want), give them out individually or do a bouquet.
  • Make your own Valentine's for school. Cut out different colored hearts and different sizes.  Layer for a cute effect or keep plain and write your message. Attach a piece of candy or a small piece of chocolate.
  • Make lollipop flowers by drawing and cutting out a flower shape of your choosing and using different colors or patterns of paper.  Punch a whole big enough in the center to place a lollipop. Write a little note on a "leaf" or attach a tag.
  • Make some mini Valentines by drawing and coloring some shrinky dinks. Punch a whole at the top before hand and bake for recommended time. Give out for Valentine's and it can be a keepsake to put on a keychain, necklace, etc.
Please share your ideas in the comments below!