Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baby Carriers

My son just turned one and I was really interested in using a baby carrier with him while growing.  I like to have my hands free, and to be able to carry baby around for comfort.  I didn't know how much I would need it until he came into the world. One of the carriers I considered was one of the backpack pouches, they put the majority of the weight on your back for a more comfortable fit. You can also carry your child a few years like this, or up to 45 pounds.

I also tried slings, which are a version of a soft baby carrier.  When my son was very small, I carried him in the sling to allow myself hands free time at home while cooking and cleaning.  I also put him in there when I went to church or out in public so that I could do whatever task I needed to do. We both felt close and he enjoyed the swaying, while lying cradled in the pouch.

I did my homework and looked into the pros and cons of each carrier.  Some of them were too confined for my son as he got older, as he wanted to be down exploring his world.  Some were just too hot, especially out in the desert heat.  I also thought I might look for the safest baby carrier, as there are some concerns while using some of them.  Ultimately though, I went with safety, price point, and something my son would enjoy/tolerate.  I think my experience was a good one overall, and I'm really happy to have used one.