Monday, December 26, 2011

Mama Share Mondays-Potty Training

These tidbits I want to share today are from my experience only, which means that there are plenty of ways to teach your children.  Please share your own personal experiences and if you are getting ready to teach your children, then by all means glean from these experiences.

  • Naked training was a great tool I used with my own daughter.  She didn't really catch on to the sensations of urinating and pooing until she was nude.
  • If you don't naked train, use regular training underwear or underwear.  Pull ups are essentially a glorified diaper and most children don't see a change in feel and use them as a potty.
  • LOTS of praise.  When I say lots, I mean it!  Especially little ones, they love knowing that they can get you excited and like to "perform".
  • Teach them young.  If you see that they are showing any signs.  Try to ease them in.  Children are less emotionally resistant when they are little, whereas after 3 they can speak their mind and refuse to do what you ask.
  • Incentive-I went to the dollar store and bought tons of stickers for my daughter. That was a great way to give her something special without doling out candy all day.  You can pick something that you think will motivate you little one.
  • Ask them to go potty frequently.  Every ten minutes to twenty minutes for sure.  Watch them for cues that they need to go.
  • Be CONSISTENT.  If you do this half-hearted, don't expect your child to be Gun ho about it and just do it.  You need to follow through until he/she knows how to go potty.
  • Try to put your child on the toilet without the pressure of training at first.  Some children fear the potty and so they don't want to get on it. I put mine on the potty many times as a game at first.  I showed her that I went on it and put her on it to get a feel of what it was like.  I let her get down when she wanted.
  • Practice makes perfect!
  • Don't be lazy.  By that I mean, once they have it down at home, try to go somewhere close to home without a diaper on.  Bring extra underwear and clothing just in case.  Let your child get used to knowing they need to use the potty.
  • Lastly, HAVE FUN!