Thursday, October 20, 2011

Got Hoodies?

Christmas is coming right around the corner and our "cold" season is also coming(soon I hope). We pretty much wear only hoodies around my house because it never gets cold enough to warrant a coat, at least to most of us in the Phoenix metro area.

My step-son is a growing boy of course, and we need to get him a couple of boys hoodies for those chilly early mornings while he heads off to school. I was thinking about getting him a couple in some fun colors, and maybe even some different styles. He is in middle school now, so that means time to change up the wardrobe a little and make it a bit "cooler".

I love the zip up ones over the pull overs just because they seem to be easier to get on and off. I also like the hoodies with graphics. I've also seen some that are hood less or mock hoodies that look like a track jacket and fur lined ones for those with really chilly weather.

I guess I have a bit of time to pick out just the right one for Christmas but, probably should pick one out now for the mornings soon. So many choices, colors, and styles. Off to shop I go.