Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back To School 2011

My step son has recently started school again as a...Seventh Grader! He is at an all new to him, middle school and was apprehensive. He is somewhat introverted and tends to keep to himself. He wants to make new friends but, is very quiet at times and can be a little shy.

One thing he is really awesome at? Reading! Yep he loves diving into subjects that interest him. He reads mostly fiction but, he also loves educational books that tell him how something works, how to make something, scientific finds, etc. He is an avid reader, even reading all through the Summer. I know most moms wouldn't be able to say that about their child but, it's very true! When he wants to relax after playing hard with our four year old, he goes into his room and relaxes with a good book.

He is currently checking out the new Time book, That's Incredible. This book is full of colorful pages and loaded with facts. The photos and illustrations are attention grabbing and modern. We have a number of fact based books and this one is new and up to date. I'm so glad he is still interested in reading and getting to know the world around him. Crossing my fingers for a fantastic school year!

*Thank you Time, for providing the book to read*