Thursday, July 28, 2011 Review

Do your kids hate veggies? My daughter does pretty well but, there's definitely some that she hates and will try to avoid at all cost. I think she would do better to see and taste food from her own "garden" of veggies and herbs. I believe that by seeing how things grow and some of what goes into the process, she will be proud to eat her veggies! has the cutest little veggie packs ever. Can you tell I'm a mom? ha ha. I called Veggies cute. There are a number of different items a child can pick from to plant and tend to like a taco garden, salad garden, and herb garden. Isn't that cool? She thought it was really fun to be able to see little characters associated with vegetables. The Growums are characters created to associate children with different veggies. With names like Frank Cilantro, Eggbert Eggplant, and Regan O. the oregano plant. They each give a little description of what the veggie is and how it grows.

When you order your veggie pack, you get "cocoa pellets" that contain your soil, you get seed packs, and you get tags for each of your seed types. The instructions ask you to add water, and your seeds, and then register your garden online. If your child is big enough you can register them and yourself and help them interact online about their garden and it's growing stage.

I love that even though we live in Phoenix metro, we can still have a little garden for the kids to grow and tend. I grew up with gardens every Spring/Summer and loved the fresh from the garden taste of veggies. I actually always loved veggies and it's hard for me to choke down hot house food. With so many people and children not healthy in America right now, this is a perfect initiative to instill healthy choices in a child.