Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cold Seat-Review

I live in AZ and we all suffer in the heat out here. I have a four year old and a baby that is four months old right now. He cries and cries when we get into the hot car and I feel so bad for him because the A/C in my car doesn't really do much for my kids in the back seat.

I have been trying to find something that would help with this, and came across Cold Seat. This is a seat designed by a mom for the very hot Summer days she has dealt with, with her own children. She developed this innovative design with the help of cold packs that are put into the freezer and used in coolers, etc.

I really loved the thought of this so I talked with her about it. I was sent a Cold Seat in the pink flowers design, and put it in the freezer right away. The next day, I took it out and used it in my sons seat while we were at church. The time lapse was just at three and a half hours. When I checked the cover, I noticed that all of the freezer packs were melted already and realized that the temperature was about 113 degrees F in the car. I wasn't really surprised because of just how hot it was and had been that day. After testing in this heat again, I would say the cool packs last about an hour to two hours. Definitely enough time to do some things like shopping, or going out to eat!

  • I like the patterns on the covers, there are masculine and feminine designs
  • I like the cool pack idea and that they are non toxic if ruptured
  • I like that it is easy to roll up and store in freezer
  • I love that it keeps the seat itself cool and prevents me from burning myself or my kids on the buckles!

  • The only downside to this really is that it doesn't last as long as I would like in the dead of Summer.