Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Z Curve Bow & Zing-Shot Launcher-Review

My step son got a chance to have a great time with some new toys from ZING toys. He is eleven, almost twelve and loves to play with all sorts of things still. He definitely is a game console kid but, he also likes to play with his four year old sister and with his friends outside.

I showed him the toys and asked him what he thought. He thought they were "cool" and went outside to check them out. The Z-Curve bow and the Zing-shot launcher are all made with soft foam ammunition so these are safe for indoor and outdoor play. This is especially great for us these days as our temperatures go well above 100 degrees!

With the Zing-shot launcher the red "ammo" can shoot up to 45 feet with a quick load system designed for a friendly sling shot war between two active kids. He really liked the Z-Curve bow that enabled him to focus on a target and try to hit it. It's something he can do as target practice and something he can use to help with his aim. And of course, if he hits a person or animal by accident, no harm can come to them. That is something that I love as a parent!

One more thing I wanted to mention is that these are very affordable! The Z-Curve bow retails for $19.99 and the Zing-shot launcher retails for $9.99. Lots of Summer fun to be had.