Friday, June 24, 2011

Princess Costume Review

My daughter is a very typical little girl when it comes to her imagination and desire to play dress up. She loves the color pink! I know, big surprise there. She has many dresses that are for nicer occasions that we were either handed down or picked up somewhere. She only has one actual costume style and that's a fairy.

She loves them all, and changes probably about four times a day on average. Some people are probably already searching for costumes for Halloween already and some people are probably like me and want princess costumes, or some other really fun costume for their child for play.

I let her help me pick the fairy costume previously and this time I wanted to surprise her so I picked one out I knew she would love! Two prerequisites are pink and princess with my girl. I found the perfect one called the Princess Rose Child Costume. We got it and she had to try it on immediately. She was so excited. I pulled her hair up in a ponytail and then curled some of it. I made a cute little fluffy bun and took some pics. She has worn it every day since we've received it and I'm so glad she can have a good time, even while playing by herself!

*thank you for the awesome costume for review*