Thursday, June 9, 2011

Do You Have Enough Insurance?

Insurance is such a big one these days. I question if we have enough, do we have the right amount, do we have the right kind? It's all pretty stressful right now! I want to have the type of life insurance I need so that either my husband or I will be covered in the event of death.

I've been looking into the types of life insurance. I see that there is whole life, term life, and universal life and all of them get pretty confusing but, I am trying to narrow down which one suits my family and I. I like that some of them have flexibility to borrow from them and that one of them earns interest that can even pay my premium charge!

I definitely need something affordable because we are on a very tight budget at this time. We need all the help we can get to make sure that we are covered since we have small children. I've checked into Aptus Insurance and will probably be getting a quote soon, they've given a lot of good information on the types of insurance available.

I also worry about my grandma. My grand father just passed away and they've been retired for some time. Her insurance isn't very good and as she ages, she gets more use out of it. I wonder if there are medicare supplements that can help her so that she doesn't have to pay so much out of pocket? I need to look into this more!