Thursday, June 16, 2011 Review

My four year old was given the chance to play with a really fun application that I downloaded from She played with the princesses and the animals. She LOVED the princess application of course, since she is a four year old with a huge imagination and flair for the girly. She was able to listen to music while matching her numbers with the color coded. She was fascinated by this and thought this was a special treat since she really doesn't do any applications or games on the computer.

What I Liked

I really like the fact that once these are purchased you can access them whenever since they are down loadable coloring books. Each book contains the option of coloring by numbers for your little one to learn how to count and match with the colors. The illustrations are of good quality and the child has the option to erase color, color by numbers, or color in the colors they choose. It's available in multi-languages, and contains music and sounds for atmosphere while the child is coloring.

I thought these were very reasonable since you can keep them on your computer for as long as you like and they have something for every child. Available for Mac, OS X, and Windows based computers so check it out.