Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Girls Fairy Costume Review

I was pretty excited when I was approached to check out some really cute costumes online. Of course as a mommy, I decided that my daughter and I needed to pick out a special one for her to play in since she is four and LOVES to dress up!

We went through the girls costumes, checking out pretty ones, princess themed, different colors and styles, and fairy costumes. My daughter had a really difficult time choosing and of course, I was having a difficult time directing her to something that I thought would be a good price and appropriate for all the things she would be doing in the costume.

We found a plum pixie costume that she really loved and had a few accessories to go with it. I liked that it had a size range where she could grow into it a bit, I liked the colors, and that it was whimsical. She loved the color and flowers on the costume. When we received it, she was even more excited that it had a scepter and a little crown of flowers to wear too. The material the costume is made of is a basic synthetic, thin, costume style material. This isn't meant for long term use probably as it's not lined and is very thin. It will be fun for a time though and your child can wear it by itself or over their regular clothing and have a lot of fun!