Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Past

I was just thinking about this recently. I haven't really celebrated Halloween for a long time but, I do have one favorite memory of my friend and I and our last year trick-or-treating. We were in sixth grade and not sure if we really wanted to trick-or-treat. My mom, my brother, and my sister were all gone that night and my friend was staying overnight at my place.

We had no money for costumes and we weren't sure what we wanted to be. Very last minute I said "let's check my moms closet for something". Side note, my mom was always a big pack rat so she had all kinds of stuff. Anyway, we went through my moms closet and found some peasant style blouses and jackpot, a few pair of bell bottom jeans and pants!

We parted our hair down the middle, which was long anyway, and my Jennifer, my friend, put a bandanna around the top of her head. We didn't wear any make up to "look the part", and we threw the clothes on which mostly fit. Mine were way too long but, I made do.

It was cold and rainy so after putting on our jackets, we went around the neighborhood getting candy. We enjoy seeing all the decorations and getting some goodies to remember our last time trick or treating. We even went by an elderly couples house in the neighborhood and they had just made popcorn. The scent of popcorn filled our noses and really made us want some!

The old woman said she had no candy but, wanted to give us the popcorn. We both looked at each other and said "yes, please". After the trick or treating around the neighborhood was done, we went back to my house and went through our loot. It was a memorable way to end that part of our childhood.